About our Product

At Elk River Soap Company we handcraft our soap and bath products in small batches to ensure you are receiving a high quality product. We are not a large manufacturer so each product you receive will be unique.

We select premium, skin loving oils for our products. We use 100% vegetable and nut oils in all of our recipes and enrich our soaps with luxurious shea and cocoa butters. The perfect blend of oils and butters results in an amazingly moisturizing bar of soap that has a fluffy, luxurious lather. Of course, it also has wonderful cleansing properties, too.

Our soaps retain the natural glycerin that is produced during the curing process making them much more moisturizing than commercial soaps. Commercial soap companies remove the natural glycerin to be resold. Unlike some commercial products, our soaps contain NO DETERGENTS, NO CHEMICALS, AND NO PETROLEUM products. Also, we NEVER test our products on animals. Once you use our handmade soap your skin will never want you to use a commercial bar of soap again!

We do offer a wide variety of unique handcrafted soaps. Unlike other expensive designer soaps, our soaps do not contain harsh chemicals. Our specialty is providing you with an all natural soap or 97% natural soap or bath product.

Our luxury line of homemade soaps is safe to use on your face, hands, and body. Whether you take a quick shower or a long relaxing bath, using handmade natural soap will enhance your bathing experience. Your skin will be very clean, yet still soft and silky!

Our lush, hand-crafted soaps will make fine gifts for those “hard to buy for” people in your life. Bar soap is a gift that everyone uses. The added bonus is that it is a natural product that will in no way harm your loved ones!

Your soap bar will require a small amount of attention from you in order to lengthen its life span. Using a soap dish that drains will keep your soap dry and stop it from melting away. Store your bar of soap in a dry location when in not in use.

Due to being hand crafted, colors may vary in our product.